PCT Journal Entry: Yosemite Valley (Maybe I'm Badass)

PCT Journal Entry: Yosemite Valley (Maybe I'm Badass)

The following is a continuation of a series I’m posting of direct excerpts from the journal I kept during my 2018 PCT thru-hike attempt. I wrote these two entries while on a solo jaunt in Yosemite Valley, a break from hiking I intended to last one to two days and ended up stretching into about… six #noragrets.

June 30, 2018

I am in Yosemite Valley on day 3 of my impromptu, wonderful, solo vacation from thru-hiking, and I’m loving being a tourist but with my new world perspectives.

Stepping away from the trail, I CAN see that I have changed. That I am more resilient and patient and sweat the small things less. That’s fun.

I’ve decided to hike back to the PCT instead of taking the YARTS bus. I’m doing it even though it’s steep uphill and giving me no progress on the PCT. I feel compelled, though, for some reason. To indulge in my sense of ownership over what I’m doing out here. Not every mile I hike has to be a PCT mile. I have the freedom and the gear to make this journey whatever I want it to be, and if I don’t embrace that, what’s even the point? I’m in YOSEMITE FUCKING VALLEY and free to do whatever I want whenever I want and that is just… shit, man. I am SERIOUSLY living the dream. And I’m about to kick it into high gear and start kicking booty on this next stretch. I’m zoomin’ out of Cali and no one can stop me! Except myself. But I won’t.

This is a choice. I feel uneasy about getting back on trail a lot of the time, but I think it’s good to sit with discomfort and be in it and keep going because that’s where you learn and grow.

So. I know I can hike long distances. I know I can be solo. I know I can do big miles. But can I go fast and be lightweight? Can I motivate myself to keep going even when I hate the trail? Do I even NEED to motivate myself, or can I simply get to the point where I go because it’s just… what I do?

“Another Yosemite sticker . . . LOVE YOU, self!”

I guess we’ll see. This will be the beginning of a new era of my thru-hike. I’m sick of feeling sorry for myself. I’m ready to get stoked again on what I’m doing and to really be one with my surroundings and fellow hikers, take the tough stuff as it comes and just BE while still working hard and feeling the accomplishment of what I’ve done in a day, whether it’s 22 miles or 10 miles.

Maybe I’m badass. Gotta prove it to myself.

Another Yosemite sticker. Only slightly ridiculous, but not quite as ridiculous as the TWO books I’m carrying rn.

LOVE YOU, self!

July 1, 2018

Started my journey from Yosemite Valley back to the PCT today via the Pohono Trail, which I’ll take up to Glacier Point and then to the JMT to get back to Tuolumne.

Sunday - 1.3 miles from Tunnel View parking up to Inspiration Point. Sam, a Canadian gave me a hitch from El Capitan and I’m camping and having a fire up here with the best view in the whole world. Looking forward to a beautiful sunset. And I saw somebody on El Cap!

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