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It’s funny because today I had every intention of hanging out with my girlfriends, something I almost never do and have almost never done on a regular basis. I do everything with Cameron most weekends, but I wanted to switch it up and also I’m trying really hard to try to have friends.

#35: Bob Dylan, "Triplicate"

I’m listening to this album a day late because by the time I got home last night and scrolled down to discover my homework was a three-disc Bob Dylan tome of a record, I had used up all my self-discipline for the day and preferred to spend the last hours of my evening scrolling through Instagram on the couch and then reading by book about the periodic table of the elements in bed, in silence.

#50. Code Orange, "Forever"

I had no idea what was awaiting me when I first scrolled down on the article detailing Rolling Stone’s list of the 50 best (according to them) albums of 2017. I listened to a bit of the podcast where the writers discussed the list, but their conversation bounced from album to album in no particular order, and I didn’t finish the episode anyway.